Ionic Skies Mule Prototype

The first glider prototype built by Ionic Skies with mock thrusters and power converter. A wingspan of 3 meters and weighs less than 1 kg, used for launch, landing, and flight stability testing.

Flight Test Glider

Protoype glider and proof of design for our Ionic Wind Airframe. Designed to be stronger than needed for repeated testing, and modular so different thrusters and tail assemblies can be trialed. The Mule is used to test and collect data on the launching system, glide slope, flight stability, thruster drag, and landing procedure.

Design Overview

The Mule Protoype has a 3 meter wingspan and a 1 meter length, with a total weight less than 2kg including the mock power converter payload. The Wing is a DAE-51 Airfoil, developed at MIT for low Reynolds Number flight, constructed with foam ribs, a balsa I-Beam spar, and a Microlite plastic covering. The wing has a rectangular planform, with the wingtips acting as winglets/fences as well as containing the landing gear. The Ionic Wind thrusters are strung between the wingtips, 2 above and 2 below the wing for balance. There is a fifth thruster built into the leading edge of the wing.

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