Ionic Skies

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The first glider prototype built by Ionic Skies with mock thrusters and power converter. A wingspan of 3 meters and weighs less than 1 kg, used for launch, landing, and flight stability testing.


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A prototype lifting-body tilt-rotor drone designed, built, and tested while at Mothership Aeronautics. About 40cm per side and weighs 1.3 kg, all the agility of a quadcopter with high speed forward flight.


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A social distancing hat that triggers an audio and visual alarm when it detects a person within 6 feet. Utilises LiDar, ultrasonic sensors, an accelerometer, and an Arduino to identify people via relative velocity.

Air Motor

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Machined a single piston flywheel motor powered by compressed air. Capable of idle speeds below 400 rpm, the motor was machined primarily with a mill, lathe, and CNC.

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