Mechanical Engineer, UAV
Platforms, Autonomous Robotics

Education & Experience

Mechanical Design

Matlab Analysis
3D Printing & Lightweight Airframes

Autonomous Systems

Px4 & Pixhawk Integration
Power Harness Design
Telemetry and Control

UC Santa Barbara

Class of 2021 GPA 3.4
Varsity Sailing - Team Captain
Avid Skier and Surfer

Ionic Skies Airframe Lead

Airframe Team Lead on an interdisciplinary Senior Capstone project building an aircraft powered by Ionic Wind propulsion. Personally responsible for the airframe stabilty and balance, tail design, flight control surfaces, communications, and autopilot.

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UAV Robotics Intern

Designed and installed the power harness and avionics for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell drone. Built a prototype Lifting-Body Tilt-Rotor Quadcopter from the ground up. Sucesfully demonstrated high speed flight with rotor tilt.

Varsity Sailing Team Captain

Captain of the UCSB Sailing Team with 4 years of collegiate sailing experience, including the ICSA National Championships. Practiced 3 times a week and most weekends with frequent travel around the country during the entire school year.

Recent Projects

Ionic Skies

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The first glider prototype built by Ionic Skies with mock thrusters and power converter. A wingspan of 3 meters and weighs less than 1 kg, used for launch, landing, and flight stability testing.


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A prototype lifting-body tilt-rotor drone designed, built, and tested while at Mothership Aeronautics. About 40cm per side and weighs 1.3 kg, all the agility of a quadcopter with high speed forward flight.


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A social distancing hat that triggers an audio and visual alarm when it detects a person within 6 feet. Utilises LiDar, ultrasonic sensors, an accelerometer, and an Arduino to identify people via relative velocity.

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